We received an interesting question on LinkedIn, and it speared us on to share some more information about coffee & the impact it has on the environment.

68% of people in the UK drink coffee daily; therefore, the coffee business is big business! However, as we transition into becoming more & more aware of the impacts our purchasing can have on our carbon footprint, we need to ask ourselves some important questions like:

Does drinking coffee harm the environment?

What can we do to make better purchasing decisions?

What are the key things to look out for?

A ‘not so’ eco-friendly cup of coffee

Unfortunately, for every…

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Most people spend a reasonable amount of time at work; therefore, it is inevitable that your workspace will impact some of your behaviours. Companies need to use this to the advantage of our planet. They should make a clear stand against plastic waste and push for a more eco-friendly working environment.

Many people will be returning back into the office following the lift of restrictions within the UK. Before the staff start coming back in, here are some top tips on how to ditch the plastic & keep your workspace fantastic:

  • Encourage everyone to BYOB

Every year in the UK…

Four People.

One Room.

Sustainability On The Agenda.

There is something extremely powerful about having conversations. Our calling with Yayzy is to help real people become better. People that are seeking to be mindful about how their behaviours/activities affect the environment. We also know that everyone is on different chapters, & whilst one person may champion sustainability in one area, they may battle with it in another.

The Green Room is a space of openness & transparency. We want to bridge the gap by bringing an interesting variety of people from different walks of life together to find out…

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Sustainability, eco-friendly living & ethical conduct are all concepts that work hand in hand.

We focus a lot on the impacts of our behaviours & activities on the environment, but we mustn’t forget about our impact on each other.

What are ethics? Ethics are values that govern how people conduct themselves — usually, these values are based on morals, good conduct & fairness.

Let us review the workplace as a befitting example.

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After two weeks of sunshine, the rain on my window feels foreign. It feels like summer in Britain is always interspaced with miserable weather that makes you appreciate the hot days more.

In summer, it becomes easier to find reasons to be outside. Yet, for someone trying to be more eco-conscious, it can sometimes feel challenging to come up with activities that don’t hurt your wallet or the planet.

Here are five ideas for things you could get up to this summer:

  1. Grow vegetables

One of the greatest achievements of my life so far has been keeping an ivy plant…

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According to Greenpeace, since 1961, meat consumption has more than doubled. This means the demand is ever-increasing & cattle continue to emit more and more methane (a gas with effects 28 times more impactful than CO2).

So before you tuck into your T-bone steak or your ‘fully loaded’ cheeseburger, did you know meat and dairy account for roughly 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions?

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I grew up by the sea and spent every summer staring into the blue waves as they crashed against the sand or bodyboarding in onto the pebbles. When we finally got tired, I’d sit with a book and, instead of reading, end up gazing into the horizon that seemed to extend forever.

The ocean covers 71 percent of the earth. As a land-based species, we spend most of our time on the other 29 percent of it. However, humanity is still dependent on the ocean. Here are five incredible ways in which the ocean helps us:

  1. Medicine

In school, I…

Paul Griffiths — Landscape Manager for Crossrail Place Roof Garden (Image taken by YAYZY)

It is World Green Roof Day! An exciting opportunity to celebrate green rooftop spaces. They are helping provide vital habitats for wildlife and giving everyone a better quality of life. Last week YAYZY took a visit to the beautiful Crossrail Roof Gardens; the space is breathtaking! We were fortunate enough to chat with Paul Griffiths, the Landscape manager, who kindly gave us more insights into this particular green roof!

Priscilla- London is a pretty built-up city, and spaces like this remind us of the value of nature. Why is it important to have this kind of space in Canary Wharf?

Photo by George Evans on Unsplash

In 2020 Google revealed that there had been a drastic increase in searches related to carbon footprints. People became more curious about the environment, health & mindfulness due to the pandemic. There is an awakening happening & a desire to understand things about the environment in more detail.

Questions included: What is a carbon footprint?, How can I calculate my carbon footprint?, What are greenhouse gases?

The term ‘carbon footprint’ was first coined in the early 1990s by William Reeves and Mathis Wackernagel. These ecologists felt like we had outgrown the term ‘ecological impact’ & we needed something that embodied…

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

After an eye-opening conversation with Rosemary Randal (the founder of ‘Carbon Conversations’), it became clear that constantly challenging our mindset was essential in pushing forward and having a real impact. This isn’t always an easy thing to do & very often, people report feeling very uncomfortable. This is understandable; It can be extremely hard for individuals and businesses to face the facts that we all have way more power than we would like to let on. Many of us shy away from having these conversations because of how they make us feel. …


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